[Vasectomy] Video Development Report

Here’s our report regarding vasectomy video development for CoE lTC on FP.


1.Due to Tim RSUI’s request, we’ve added pre-insertion and post-insertion tasks. You can see the draft in this updated storyboard:

Note: Should you need to see the caption/narration/voiceover text, please kindly go to the above presentation’s setting icon to see the speaker note.


2.BKKBN has provided the surgical equipment for vasectomy and we’ve incorporated the photos into our video. BKKBN hasn’t provided the real patient for live-action shoots. Due to the time constraint, we decided to make the rest of the scenes using 3D and/or 2D animations and/or illustration.


3.We haven’t come up with Indonesian version of the vasectomy video due to the development of additional scenes (see #1), but we will deliver it soon after the English video has been approved (after revisions, if any).